CBD Hemp Genetics

CBD Hemp Genetics

High CBD Hemp Genetics are the key to a successful CBD cultivation project.

High CBD hemp strains are typically the result of crossing “drug type” cannabis strains with high CBD with industrial hemp strains with high CBD and low THC to produce a crop that will grow outdoors like hemp, but produce high CBD flowers that are less than 0.3% THC.

CBD Hemp strains vary widely in appearance, and varieties in North America tend to be more drug-type cannabis and less like traditional industrial hemp.

Rhizo Sciences has access to exclusive genetics featuring CBD>15% and THC >0.2% which allows high yields of CBD from hemp.

CBD Yield per Acre

How much CBD can be produced from one acre varies according to the strain used, the cultivation style, weather and crop season. A good rule of thumb is to harvest over 1000lb of high CBD hemp flower per acre. If this material is 10% CBD on average, this will produce around 100 lbs or 50kg of CBD in total. The extraction process will result in losses. Generally speaking an acre will produce between 20-50kg of finished CBD as isolate, distillate, oil or flower. The more refined the product, the more losses you can expect on the way.

Best CBD Hemp Genetics for different climates

Every farming region has it’s own unique climate, light cycle, soil types and other factors that influence the best genetics.

Most hemp seed has been bred for the North European and Mediterranean climate, though tropical adapted and fast flowering strains also exist.


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