THCV Tinctures

THCV Tinctures for Sale

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THCV Oil Tinctures

THCV Oil Tinctures, containing hemp derived THCV rich Oil in an MCT carrier oil.

THCV Oil and MCT Oil Tinctures

Check out our range of THCV oil tinctures. These products contain blends of THCV oil and a natural MCT (Fractionated Coconut Oil) carrier oil.

THCV Oil is the not as well known as CBD oil but is sought after for it’s unique composition and effects.

Our THCV oil tincture is made with our THCV isoalte. The tinctures have a mild natural flavor.

High THCV, Low THC (<0.2%) Tinctures

All THCV Oil tinctures contain <0.2% Total THC.

THCV Oil Tinctures for Sale

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