Toll Processing Services

Toll Processing

Toll Processing allows hemp farmers to convert their hemp biomass to hemp extracts such as CBD Oil, Distillate and Isolate.

Toll Processing Services

Toll processing is a done-for-you processing service to produce CBD from your hemp flower or biomass.

Hemp Toll Processing Services

Processing Hemp and CBD starts with drying, curing and trimming hemp biomass or hemp flower to ensure that cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved for extraction.

Rhizo Sciences’ contract toll processing labs can process your high CBD flower or hemp biomass into CBD oil, distillate, isolate or other products.

Toll Processing Facility Certification and Permits

Before considering a toll processing provider it is important to understand the facility certifications, permits etc, as these will impact the end product.

GMP Toll Processing

GMP Toll processing facilities are still few and far between but are growing in number. As CBD is regulated this will be a requirement for any finished product, so it is important to be working with companies who at least understand and follow GMP principles (GMP compliant) and are working toward GMP certification.

Food Grade and HACCP certification

Food Grade, HACCP and similar certifications are an excellent first step for toll processors. If your toll processor isn’t at least food grade, then they certainly aren’t medicinal or pharmaceutical grade.

Organic Certified Hemp Processors

Organic Certified processing facilities are essential for companies aiming to produce an organic end product. Currently many producers use the term organic but lack any protectable legal position. Organic Certification of end products requires that all inputs including hemp, diluents and flavours are certified organic.

Organic CBD will be in great demand and there will likely be a bottleneck in processing.

Rhizo Sciences currently has two organically certified toll processors in North America offering toll processing.

CBD Toll processing services

You can then sell the extract or have it manufactured into CBD products. Toll processing services are available throughout the CBD hemp manufacturing process.

Toll Extraction Services

Toll extraction services take in High CBD Hemp Flower or biomass and extract CBD oil which can be sold or further processed.

Toll Distillation Services

Toll distillation services turn CBD oil into refined CBD distillate which can be sold or further processed.

Toll Isolation Services

Toll CBD isolation services turn CBD oil or distillate into purified CBD isolate which can be sold or sent for contract manufacturing into finished products.

Toll THC Removal Services

Toll THC Removal services use chromatography to remove THC from CBD oil or distillate to achieve a low THC (<0.3%) or non-detectable THC (aka zero THC) product such as THC free distillate. The refined product can be sold or sent for contract manufacturing into finished products.

Toll Processing Locations

Rhizo Sciences has hemp Toll Processing Laboratories providing extraction and distillation services in California, Oregon, Colorado and Pennsylvania.

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Toll Processing Splits

Another popular way for farmers to have their hemp biomass extracted is through toll processing split services where an extraction facility processes the hemp in exchange for a 50% share of the extracted product.



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