Private Label CBD Manufacturing

Private Label CBD Manufacturing

Private Label CBD Manufacturing services enable you to market and sell your own CBD brand of high quality CBD oil products, including CBD oil tinctures, CBD softgels, vape products and other finished products.

Private Label Manufacturing

CBD Oil products require the same quality manufacturing processes as other foods, medicines and supplements.

Because the CBD industry is so new, there are fewer products available which have been formulated, validated and manufactured to these standards.

This creates a major opportunity for brands who are willing to invest in new product formulation, development and testing for specific conditions or markets.

Unfortunately to develop this in house requires millions of dollars worth of equipment.

Private label manufacturing, where you engage a contract manufacturer to develop a new product on your behalf allows you to fast-track this – saving you time, money and avoiding having to reinvent the wheel.

Private Label vs White Label Manufacturing

Private Label Products

Private Label Products allows you to have your own products developed and produced by a contract manufacturer.

The beauty of having private label products formulated and manufactured by a third party is that you can create a truly unique and original product allowing you to stand out form the competition or develop a new product for a specific niche, market or condition.

The downside of private label over white label is you need to either have in house drug development expertise, or have this done as a paid service before you can start manufacturer – costing additional time and money.

White Label Products

White Label Products enables you to have existing products manufactured under your own brand. This saves you the time, expense and risk of developing new formulas so that you can bring proven products straight to market.

White label products are your fastest way to get online with your own brand.


GMP Private Label Manufacturing

A good quality private label manufacturer should operate to cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in FDA approved facilities at an economical cost (or the relevant standards in your regulatory environment)..

Rhizo Sciences specialises in designing and developing GMP manufacturing processes and securing product and supply chains to supply the global hemp derived CBD industry with quality products at a fair price.

We’ve also partnered with FDA certified cGMP facilities in North America and other GMP manufacturers globally to expand our reach.  Our private label services can help to fast track new and established brands wishing to join the CBD hemp industry.

Private Label CBD Oil Products

Rhizo Sciences specialises in private label CBD oil products.

Our formulator has developed over 100 unique products which you can either white label or we can use as a starting point in formulating your own unique product.

This product can then be contract manufactured under private label.

Private Label CBD product lines available include:

  • CBD Oil Tinctures
  • CBD Oil Oral Spray
  • CBD Oil Capsules
  • CBD Oil Softgels
  • CBD Oil Gummies
  • CBD Oil Vape Liquid
  • CBD Oil Suppositories
  • CBD Oil Water Soluble Powder
  • CBD Oil Water Soluble Liquids
  • CBD Oil Beverages
  • CBD Oil Coffee and Teas
  • CBD Oil Creams
  • CBD Oil Salves
  • CBD Oil Muscle Rubs
  • CBD Oil Cosmetics
  • CBD Oil Toiletries
  • CBD Oil Pet Products

CBD Active Ingredients

Rhizo Sciences private label CBD products contain naturally occurring CBD from hemp derived ingredients including:

Other CBD Manufacturing Services

Beyond private label CBD products our CBD manufacturing services can also help you develop new custom products.

Private Label CBD Manufacturing Enquiry

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