Hemp Flower

Hemp Flower

Hemp Flower refers to the dried flowering tops or buds of the hemp plant and are used for processing into high quality CBD products such as full spectrum oil and CBD distillate. Premium quality high CBD hemp flower is also trimmed and sold for use as a dried flower product for smoking in some legal markets including Switzerland and Italy.

Make sure you understand the type and grade of flower you require, as pricing can vary by up to 10x between bulk hemp flower for extraction and premium trimmed flower.

High CBD Hemp Flower is produced in significant quantities in US states with State Agricultural Department Hemp Research Programs and may legally be processed to produce Hemp Oil and extracts such as CBD distillate and CBD isolate.

Hemp Flower Shipping

Hemp Flower is legal to ship in certain states and territories providing it’s THC content is under the legal limit. Always seek your own legal advice before shipping – as premium hemp flower looks and smells like marijuiana and contains some THC, and may be highly illegal and heavily prosecuted in certain territories. Note that while shipping may be legal it can be complex and delayed – you should use a specialist shipping company experienced in transporting hemp to your region.

Hemp Flower Pricing

Hemp Flower is typically priced by the gram, ounce, pound or kilogram depending on the quantity and region. Hemp flower intended for extraction of CBD is generally sold on the basis of Cannabidiol content – read more about hemp pricing.

Bulk Hemp Flower

Bulk Hemp Biomass is sold in 1 lb bags or containers, and larger quantities of extraction grade product may be sold in 500 lb Super Sacks in lot sizes.

Rhizo Sciences sells lots with a minimum lot size of 100 lbs and typical sale contract of 1,000 lbs. Rhizo Sciences only sells to wholesale buyers.

Hemp Flower for Sale

Rhizo Sciences offers premium high CBD hemp flower for sale which has been verified to have been produced under a State Agricultural Research Program by a licensed hemp plants that qualify as “industrial hemp,” under relevant state law such as the Agricultural Act of 2014 in Colorado. Each lot will have a certificate of analysis representing test results for potency and purity including pesticide, heavy metals and microbial contamination.




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