Hemp Genetics

Hemp Genetics

Hemp is one of the oldest known crops, and hundreds of specialised varieties have been developed for local environments and specific uses.

Hemp is cultivate through seed, and live seed is generally a controlled product due to it being Cannabis sp.

Hemp Varieties can be broken down into Food, Fibre, and Flower or dual/multi use depending on their primary use.

Hemp Fibre Cultivars

Hemp Fibre Cultivars have been selected for quality fibre and production are generally tall, rapidly growing, with small flowers and little side branch development. Hermaphroditism is common and high male plant frequency often occurs as males produce better fibre than female plants.

Different hemp cultivars produce fibre with differing characteristics.

Hemp Food Cultivars

Hemp Food Cultivars have been selected for grain and oilseed production. As a result these varieties often have large and nutritious grains with good size flowers and yields. Hermaphroditism is common in these cultivars which limits their use for premium flower and resin production, as hermaphroditism results in high rates of seed setting, improving seed yeilds but reducing flower and resin yields.

Hemp Flower Cultivars

Hemp Flower Cultivars have been selected for the production of large amounts of flower, resin and therapeutic compounds such as cannabinoids like CBD.

Read more about CBD Hemp Cultivars and Medicinal Hemp Varieties.


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