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CBC (Cannabiochromene) Oil and Hemp Products with CBC as the primary cannabinoid.

CBC (Cannabichromene) is a minor cannabinoid found in low concentrations in many hemp varieties, including popular varieties used in early hemp oil products and hemp flower such as Cherry Wine and Charlotte’s Cherries. CBC is normally only found at levels below 1% in hemp flower, though some varieties of hemp feature higher CBC levels.

CBC concentrates such as CBC Hemp Oil, CBC Distillate and CBC isolate are produced from Hemp oil rich in CBC using specialised distillation equipment that concentrates the CBC. CBC can also be produced by conversion of terpenes or other cannabinoids to CBC.

CBC is liquid at room temperature and is often used as a diluent or thinner for other cannabinoids, and it is also considered to have synergistic effects with other cannabinoids including quantitative and qualitative improvements.

CBC is available as an isolate containing 98%+ CBC, and is typically gold or amber in color with the consistency of a viscous liquid. Unlike CBD CBC does not crystallise at room temperature, so the isolate is not a solid. The viscosity is lower than many other hemp oil.

We supply CBC Oil as CBC isolate and CBC oil tinctures.

CBC Hemp Oil Products for sale

CBC Isolate17432, , , $8,999.00
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CBC ISOLATEHX-CBC-ISOLATE, , , , , $9,800.00
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