CBG Isolate 1kg

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CBG Isolate 1kg


CBG Isolate is purified Cannabigerol, a highly refined CBG hemp extract ideal for adding CBG to your hemp and CBD oil product lineup.

CBG isolate can be derived from high CBG hemp or refined from hemp isolate containing a mix of CBD and CBG.

CBG is extracted using ethanol or similar solvents to produce a Cannabigerol rich CBG Oil.

This CBG oil is then distilled to a high potency distillate, then the CBG is crystallised in a pharmaceutical process to produce a white crystalline powder, purified to ensure there is zero THC, no pesticides, metals, solvents or microbes.

This is a sample 1 gram pack ideal for testing or formulation purposes.

CBG Oil manufacturing ingredient

CBG Oil is ideal to use to manufacture CBG Oil Products such as:

CBG is an ideal addition to vape products to reduce the crystallisation of CBD oil.

99% CBG Oil Cannabigerol Crystals

CBG: 99%

CBG Isolate is similar in consistency to CBD Isolate having an off-white to white color and is a crystalline solid at room temperature.

CBG Isolate Pricing

CBG Isolate is currently around 3x the price of quality CBD Isolate due to it’s relative rareness and growing demand, but we anticipate significant growth in supply this year.

Note: GMP CBG Isolate is not yet available, but we expect to have some on hand in Q4 2019



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