Cherry Pie CBD Hemp Flower

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Cherry Pie CBD Hemp Flower



Indulge in the sweet harmony of Cherry Pie Greenhouse Hand Trim – a premium, hand-trimmed hemp flower with balanced effects and a delightful cherry aroma.


Cherry Pie Greenhouse Hand Trim is a premium hemp flower known for its balanced effects and delectable profile. Cultivated with meticulous care in our state-of-the-art greenhouse, this strain embodies the perfect harmony between potency and flavor. Each bud is carefully hand-trimmed, ensuring the preservation of trichomes and the overall integrity of the flower.

Appearance & Aroma

Upon first glance, Cherry Pie presents a rich palette of deep greens and purples, accentuated by fiery orange pistils and a generous coating of crystalline trichomes. The buds are dense and sticky, indicative of their superior quality. Its aroma is a delightful blend of sweet and sour cherries, underscored by earthy undertones and a hint of spicy pepper, making each inhale a tantalizing experience.

Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Effects

Cherry Pie is rich in CBD, with a profile that also includes other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBG and CBC, offering a well-rounded experience. The dominant terpenes, Myrcene and Limonene, contribute to its relaxing yet uplifting effects, making it an excellent choice for both daytime and evening use. Users report a sense of calm and ease, accompanied by a mild euphoria that does not impede productivity.


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